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November Blog

The weather seems to have turned but thankfully we have not had too many heavy frosts yet let’s hope this doesn’t change!

Training has been going well with both boys. We are still working hard on sorting out the contact with Bear. Alice has been riding Bear once a week for us for a little bit now and it has made a massive difference. Bear has really come in on in his work and has muscled up. The work that we have had in my last few sessions definitely shows the promise for the future and we are going in the right direction.

Sky has been going amazing and we are now trying to put everything that we have been working on together and then use it to ride the test movements and really get everything as near to perfect as we can.

Since squad training last month I have been carrying out my new exercise programme and I am pleased to report its going really well. It feels good to be back doing it again.

My body has decided to throw more new symptoms at me but I am so lucky to have two super star horses that are so understanding and just ignore my body and strut their stuff!

I visited your Horse Live this month with my mum. We had a super day and it was great to meet lots of my sponsors some of them for the first time. I am such a lucky girl to have such supportive sponsors and wouldn’t have got where I have today without them. Since starting the boys on PharmaQuin my results speak for themselves! I noticed a difference within 5 days and the boys feel and look super, they love it. It was great to meet Ryan Millar and Tim Mansi, I got to tell lots of people how amazing the joint supplement is and to show (decorated the stand with my sashes and rosettes) and say since being on it Sky and I have become National Champions!!

It was also super to see my amazing bedding sponsors Sorbeo Horse Bedding. Again singing Sorbeo’s praises, it really is a life changer! It makes my life so much easier and most importantly my National Champion loves it. It was also great to see Louise of Protexin Equine Premium and to catch up.

I also had a visit from my fantastic sponsors Quingo Scooters. Giles came to meet me and the horses; we had a photo shoot with Sky, Bear and Quiny which was great fun.

When I got the email to say I would be getting a prize at the British Dressage National Convention I was very surprised and excited. It was fantastic to receive a head collar from the Worshipful Company of Saddlers for getting the highest score in my grade at the Nationals and Sky will be wearing it with pride.

Just to let you all know next month’s blog may be a bit late as I am going to America over Christmas to see my sister, her husband and my new niece.

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