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April and May Blogs

April Blog

Can’t believe another month has gone by already.

Sorry this blog is late I’ve just spent a great two weeks in America with my sister and niece. We had a wonderful time and some lovely memories were made, being so far apart is really hard but the time we spent together is very special.

Whilst away I gave myself a very well deserved four days off, my previous two days off was Christmas! After that I did all my weight training, mobs and stretches, some swimming and my hand bike training. So the only thing that I didn’t do was erg for 2 weeks as there was no adapted rowing machine that I could access.

April started off with my first rowing time trials of the year; actually my first ever time trials! It was amazing to be back in the boat and racing at speed. I am really looking forward to my next event; there will be so many opportunities over the summer. I am also getting classified next month, it’s taken a while but it’s finally happening.

I am loving being able to have a gym that I can go to again as it’s accessible, thank you so much Everyone Active Chiltern Leisure Centre. I am attending up to four times a week swimming and doing weight training as well as being able to use their Hand Bike as I can transfer onto it. It’s been great to be back in the swimming pool it’s good cross training and nice and relaxing for my body.

Damo appeared in the British Dressage magazine after his win at the Gold Para Winter Dressage Championships. His first of hopefully many more appearances to come.

Bear and Damo have been going fantastically in training. Really starting to make progress with Damo and finding ways to get the right amount of power.

My new GPS Speedcoach kindly funded by the Arctic One Foundation, had it’s first outing this month. It was amazing to be able to see my strokes per minute, the distance travelled and my split per 500metres. It’s going to take some getting used too but it’s going to be so helpful. This month we have been working on technique and speed!

Damo and I had a fantastic sports massage from Lee this month. Damo thoroughly enjoyed his and mine was much needed after a bigger treatment gap than usual.

This month Damo got a new bridle from Premier Equine, Damo loves it and goes extremely well in it. Damo also got a new Bug Buster Fly Rug from Premier Equine, which he also loves and gives him great protection from the flies.

We had a super outing to Solihull Riding Club. I love it when everyone’s work comes together. The icing on the cake is winning both tests, getting over 73% in the Individual and that being the highest score of the day by 3%! Damo was an absolute superstar and so relaxed. The first test we had the safely belt on but the second test we went for it! Damo was super rideable, really looking forward to our next outing now!

I had a great session at Performance Hertfordshire, I got so close to doing an unassisted pull up. I love doing them even though they are seriously hard work as it’s freedom from my wheelchair.

We have been taking Damo for some hacks with dad leading us and Damo feels confident and relaxed. It’s great to be able to explore the great outdoors.

This month we celebrated our one year anniversary since having Damo.

May Blog

My mentees have had a very successful and busy month. Donna and Elan were selected to represent team Wales at the Para Home International. I am delighted to say their team won! Chloe competed at the RDA Regionals won her class and has qualified for the RDA Nationals. Elan then competed at the RDA Regionals won her class and is also off to the RDA Nationals. Sophie and Elan also both celebrated their Birthdays this weekend, so a big belated Happy Birthday to them both.

I got the news that Damo has qualified for the Gold Semi Finals at Wellington in June. I am really looking forward to this and we are going to do all three tests as it’s good experience for Damo.

Bear is loving being back in the arena with me and is going from strength so strength. It’s fantastic to see him so happy and loving his work.

Lee came out to give Damo a Sports Massage which he thoroughly enjoyed. I also had a great massage as I was feeling very tight. Afterwards I managed to do a 5k, which was amazing considering I hadn’t erged for 2 weeks as I had been in America visiting my sister and niece.

We had another delivery of Sorbeo Horse Bedding, thank you to Sorbeo for your continued support. The boys love their bedding and they; have high standards!

The sun has been shining so mum and me went for a walk well a drive in my case and decided to explore the new outdoor gym at Everyone Active Chiltern Leisure Centre. Lots of the machines were nice and accessible and it was great to exercise in the great outdoors.

Damo has been going really well in training at home, we have found a new button to make that walk stride even bigger. We had a good outing to Robs where there was lots of outside distractions but Damos getting more and more into his zone and really growing in confidence.

Nick from the RVC came out to vaccinate Bear, it was great to catch up. Bear is having a few easy days after his vaccination.

I had a very exciting delivery this month, it felt like Christmas. My two new helmets from KASK Equestrian. I’ve got a new training helmet, the Kooki Lady Navy Shine, I’m in love, it’s so comfy and also super shiny. My all time favourite helmet has arrived the Star Lady pure shine chrome Navy/Gold/GB. I’ve always wanted a GB hat and now I have one! More to follow about this super duper helmet soon!!

I got classified this month so that I can compete in Para Row my rather than just adaptive rowing. I came out as a PR1, my new adventure really begins now and I cannot wait to see where it leads.

Finally to round up this month I had the best weekend ever going to see my golden boy Sky O’Hara. Having not seen him for 6 months; I was delighted that he came straight over when he saw me gave me the biggest kiss on the lips and then came and rested his head on my legs. My best boy, my Medalist, golden boy Mr O’Hara. Of course we came with a huge bag full of treats for Sky but he was interested in just having cuddles with me. We gave him a lovely groom and he demanded treats before putting him to bed and he decided to share his hay with me, literally, he was eating on top of my wheelchair, love him. We then went for a lovely dinner with Sky’s owner Glesni and Ollie and met the lovely Bryn. Thank you for hosting us.

We then went back to the hotel had a good night’s sleep and then went back to see Sky and his owner the next day. Sky was in the field so we took him out and went for a lovely walk whilst he ate even more grass, spoilt boy. I miss Sky massively but to see him so happy and that he’s being treated like a king and spoilt rotten (exactly what he deserves); it makes me so happy. When we put him back in the field after saying our goodbyes he whinnied and didn’t go and eat the grass until we drove off, lovely boy. I cannot wait until we can go back to visit. We have kept our very special bond and that means so much to me. We will be back soon Sky 🥰😍.

That’s it for this month, next month is going to be busy.

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