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August Blog

What a month it’s been; it has been great to watch the World Para Dressage Championships, cheering on team GBR and team Ireland. It was wonderful to see my friend Michael Murphy win two bronze medals; we grew up together and I am just so pleased for him and his team. I also enjoyed watching the Rowing Europeans and seeing the Para rowers smash it!

On top of all the TV watching I have been busy on the horses and in the boat. After taking it easy for a bit due to my misbehaving lungs it’s been fantastic to be back in the gym again and back on the rowing machine.

A pallet of Sorbeo Horse Bedding arrived at the yard. Thank you Sorbeo for your continued support. Only the best for my boys!

It was boat racing day again, exciting and at a more manageable distance of 500metres. Naomi Riches MBE kindly leant me a Marlow all in one to wear. The race was at Maidenhead Rowing Club and I was rowing another PR1. The race went really well, and I am delighted to say I won by 4 lengths. I won my first tankard and my first win as a PR1!

We then headed off to Wales to the Para Sport Festival being held in Swansea; it was great to see some of the staff members I met at the Docklands when I represented Wales. It was also fantastic to finally meet Rebekah. I pulled off a huge PB on the 1 minute test and managed a 1k, which was good as my lungs still weren’t fully behaving!

I hope you have all survived the very hot weather we have been having recently. I managed to still train thanks to my fan! But I did a few sessions on the hand bike instead of the rowing machine. The horses avoided the heat and stayed in their nice cool stables and we managed to ride before it go too hot!

Damo has been going really well this month in training; we’ve been training in all weathers too; rain, wind and sun! We’ve managed to get what we get at home in the arena away from home at Rob’s yard, so the next step is to get this inside the white boards at a competition. We have also had big break throughs with the sessions we have been having with Emily; and the difference in Damo is huge.

Bear has also been going really well and is loving life. His walk has got bigger, and the contact is the most consistent we have seen it. We have started riding test movements at home and all is looking good.

My mentees have had a fantastic month Chloe smashed her championship and freestyle tests winning both classes at the North Midlands Sunday Championship Event. Elan became Grade 1 Bronze Silver Champion. Well done girls; my grade ones are on fire!

This month I have made massive break throughs in my boat’ we have made some changes in the set up and I have suddenly found rhythm and speed.

I have also found a way of dealing with my lungs and so I am making a comeback on the rowing machine and am steadily working towards 2k (the full racing distance); exciting times!

I had a BETTA Life delivery from my wonderful sponsors. The boys are now all topped up on their PharmaTRAC and PharmaQuin; only the best for my boys!

I really enjoyed chatting to Mulberry Tree Dressage; check out the full interview here

Check back next month to find out what is going on.

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