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February Blog

What a month it’s been and what horrible weather we have had. I hope everyone is ok after the recent storms. It was very very windy with us but thankfully all we lost was mum’s greenhouse.

Just an update - Sky is really well and absolutely loving retirement; I get regular updates from his owner Glesni. He loves the Yorkshire mud and has made new friends. I am really hoping that we can go and see him; I miss seeing his lovely face every day and Sky kisses and cuddles.

We have a new philosophy with Damo ‘less is more’ and so far this is working. I have really started to find the right buttons with Damo and our future is looking bright.

I have always wanted some lace up navy boots and when I saw that my sponsors Premier Equine were selling them I had to get a pair. I fell in love; they have zips so once you’ve put them on a few times they are not too hard to get on and off. They look super smart; I cannot feel my feet so can’t really comment on how comfortable they are but they have not rubbed and I am able to ride in them.

Lee came out again to see Damo and give him his monthly massage; all in preparation for the Para Winter Championships. Which have now been rescheduled to next month due to the storms; a very wise decision the weather was awful and we would not have wanted to drive in it. Lee said that Damo felt really good and he felt awesome afterwards. I also had a massage session and my lower back and shoulders were tight so Lee loosened these off for me.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my sponsors and supporters. Every Tuesday on my social media pages I speak about each of my sponsors and supporters.

Bear is still being a superstar and is really enjoying being back in work. I had my first sit on him on my birthday; best present ever! He was a dude and didn’t put a foot wrong; very excited to get back training on him.

My B-day was amazing I had a wonderful day and was truly spoilt. I was fuelled by cake and didn’t get a day off sadly; so a long erg in the morning, followed by a ride on both horses and then a weights session at Marlow in the evening. I was really pushed while everyone else ate cake but I managed to pull out some PB’s and had a nice big cake waiting for me when I got home.

It was time for my monthly visit to Performance Hertfordshire to see Fiona. I had another fantastic session and have got some new exercises to be working with. My Ataxia wasn’t playing ball so the bench press wasn’t really working but we lowered the weight and bingo it worked. I just find the bench press really hard but everything else is getting easier so I am sure this will in time.

I had a pallet of Sorbeo delivered from my wonderful sponsors Sorbeo Horse Bedding and some supplements for the boys from BETTA Life and finally some bits and pieces from NAF and Premier Equine.

So as the end of February fast approaches it’s a sad and challenging time for me. As I mentioned in my January blog my Word Class funding ends and I now no longer have access to Bisham. For the last two years I have had access to Bisham and they have become a major part of my team but also a major part of my daily life. I had a great last session with Caryl at Bisham. I shed some tears when I left as it has been my lifeline for the last two years and now its gone.

Sad times but sometimes things happen for a reason even if they are really hard to deal with! So now is probably the perfect time to tell you I am now a multi sport athlete. I took up Para Rowing thinking I would be rubbish; but actually I’ve turned into an alright rower. I now have an amazing opportunity to potentially compete at the highest level in two sports!! Paris is fast approaching and I cannot wait to see if I’m in a rowing boat or on a horse?!?!

It’s been such a fun journey so far learning how to row and starting weight training and some serious cardio work. I cannot wait to get back in the boat! Going forward I know I have serious hard work ahead of me and it’s not going to be easy but those of you who know me know how determined I am. So I say bring it on!!

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