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February Blog

Damo has really been improving in his confidence and dealing with tricky situations. I am excited to say that I rode him with tarpaulin, an umbrella, flags and so much more and he was such a good boy.

The Royal Veterinary College my fantastic vets came out to vaccinate the horses this week, thank you to them for their continued support.

Bear is doing well and has started his rehab (walking around the yard); we are all looking forward to getting him back into work. Bear can’t wait; he loves to please.

I put my 55 recyclable Sorbeo bags into a black sack all labelled and took it to the post office; so that they can be recycled. It’s a simple and quick process and at the same time you are helping the environment.

Recently every time Rob has come to Trout Rise to teach Damo the heavens have opened! Even though Damo decided it was the weather for ducks he has been bringing his A game to every session and we have been working through the test movements.

We headed off to our first World Class session with Athene and had a really good time. All the input was great, and it was such a positive two days away. Already looking forward to the next session.

For the last few Fridays, we have had Physio and Strength and Conditioning at Bisham; which has been fantastic. My home strength and conditioning (S and C) coach Fiona came to one of our sessions to meet Neil the World Class S and C coach; we tried out lots of new things and had a fantastic session. Fiona is incredible and I really enjoy training with her at Performance Hertfordshire; she is never afraid to try new things/push my body.

This month I celebrated my 30th Birthday, feeling old. We also headed up to Myerscough on the same day; a very long way; it took 6 hours! Damo soon settled in, and we had a successful weekend. The first day didn’t go to plan but its all about trial and error and trying out different things; unfortunately, Damo didn’t like the C end of the school and stopped as I can’t use my legs, we had a bit of a situation, but we got through the test.

The second day was so much better, and I am delighted to say we came 2nd in the Grade 1 Gold Class. What is so exciting is we just played it safe and got around the test so there is much more to come. The C judge (5*) had us on 71% with a 5 for a costly jog on the last centre line. I am really proud of Damo for trusting me and he felt super relaxed in the warm up and the majority of the test which is a huge step forwards for us.

You’re only 30 once right so I have done lots of celebrating; prosecco, pizza and Colin for B-day dinner and then I went out for a lovely meal with my parents when we returned home from the championships.

Quingo scooters came to fix Quinny and as ever the service was fantastic and Quinny is all fixed and ready to go on her next outing. A huge thank you to Quingo scooters for their continued support. If anyone is looking for a scooter, I highly recommend them; you will not be disappointed.

Rare disease day happens every year; I have an ultra-rare condition which brings several hurdles with it, but I am very proud of everything I have achieved up to date. Despite my progressive neurological condition and the lack of coordinated care I fight on each day in the hope that one day more will be known about my condition.

That’s it for this month; next month is full on and I cannot wait to update you all with what we are going to get up to.  Let’s hope the weather is going to improve and we get a lot less of the wet stuff!

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