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July Blog

This month started off with a trip to Hartpury for the CPEDI3* International; we took both horses. Both horses flew through the trot up and Athene was a superstar in her arena familiarisation; she felt amazing. Damo was very relaxed to start off with; but then we had a loose horse incident; we both survived but it really scared Damo.

The warmup for the Team Test with Damo went well and he felt super relaxed. We entered the arena and halted, yes immobility! He felt good as we tracked left; a horse came in through the gate and he saw them; bad timing. He then tripped and spooked I think, I fell forward and couldn’t right myself, this upset Damo, so we retired. I’m sure the arena familiarisation didn’t help! We are both fine and that’s the most important thing! Athene was a superstar and did a very good team test; most of the judges agreed and we got 73%+ and finished 3rd.

The next day Damo was drawn first and so we made the decision to withdraw him as I had hurt my side and we decided I should save myself for Athene and the Nations Cup team as I had been put on it. We will be back; Damo was straight back to his relaxed self at home. Athene was a superstar and our halt across x was perfect. We scored over 74% and again we finished 3rd; one judge pulled us down massively, but the others had us all on 74% or above.

It was amazing to be included on the Nations Cup team and even better we won.

The last day was the freestyle and Athene was once again a superstar; the music fitted and we finished on the last beat of the music. Thank you to Julie for letting us use her music; the floor plan was put to the music 3 weeks before the competition. We got some 9’s for our walk work.

Me and Athene got the second highest British score on all three days. A huge thank you to Di for this wonderful opportunity, to Frankie and South Bucks for all their help and continued support, to my amazing trainer Rob who went above and beyond as always and lastly to my incredible parents who I couldn’t do any of this without. Thank you also to my wonderful sponsors and supporters and a huge thank you to Hartpury for having us and everyone involved with the CPEDI3*.

Delighted to say I have been selected to represent the Welsh team at the Home International again. Another rowing International and this time a road trip to Ireland.

I took a trip to the RDA Nationals with mum to surprise two of my mentees Chloe and Yasmina who were competing in the Grade 1 classes. It was so good to be back at the RDA Nationals and to see so many people enjoying themselves and having fun.

I also caught up with Nick the honorary RDA vet and lots of friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. I really do miss my RDA days; its where it all started for me!

Chloe did a lovely test with super square halts and a great free walk. They smashed it getting a brilliant 75% score and coming 2nd; so close to 1st. In her second test Cody decided halting was overrated but Chloe did a fantastic job and a really nice test meant they finished 5th. I think seeing Chloe’s face when she saw me was the best part of the day. Chloe also picked up her medal and rosette for winning the Grade 1 Dressage Anywhere Championship class. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chloe’s tests and seeing her get her well-deserved rosettes. Keep smiling Chloe. I’m so pleased all your hard work and your teams has paid off and so happy I got to see you competing in person. A wonderful surprise came off!

Next up was Yasmina who did a fantastic job with Dougie; a lovely test with great square halts and a very active walk. Yasmina finished 2nd which is fantastic for her first time at the RDA Nationals. Well done to Yasmina and all her team. It was great to see Yasmina I really enjoyed supporting her and seeing her get her well-deserved 2nd place rosette. I’m excited to see what happens in the next few months as Yasmina try’s out some different things to help her in the saddle. I think her smile says it all.

It was fantastic to see Sophie and to catch up too.

I had a great session at Body Balance Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinic with Tom. I felt so much better afterwards and ready for a week of travelling and racing.

‘’When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’’. So, I am off to Ireland tomorrow with Welsh Rowing! I am really looking forward to racing in Ireland but must admit I am a bit nervous too.

We made the long trip to Ireland on Thursday and arrived at 3am on Friday morning in Ireland.

We had a training session on Friday getting used to the water; it was a bit windy, but I felt confident. Then we had a team dinner followed by the kit presentation, which was fantastic.

Saturday was race day I had a 2k followed by a 500-metre sprint. First up was the juniors and a win for Wales. There wasn’t a path around the water so we could only watch from the finish line and join in with lots of Welsh support in the grandstand.

The 2k went well and I am delighted to say I won. It was fantastic to have the Welsh national anthem with the dragon flying proudly. To end the day on a high I won the 500 metres too. I have never been so wet in all my life; but we got through it! I cannot thank team Wales enough for all their support; I had a wonderful time in Ireland, and it was amazing to come home with two wins!

Once we got home from Ireland, I was knackered so had an easy week; but full training starts on Monday! It has been fantastic to be back in the saddle; I missed the horses.

That’s all for this month; next month sees me back on the water and back in the sand pit dancing.

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