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June Blog

Great way to start the month off with a session at Body Balance Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinic with Tom. I felt so much better afterwards and ready for a few busy weeks ahead!

It’s been four months since the incredible manual wheelchair Genie came into my life. She really has been life changing and I cannot thank the Genie’s wish and the Micawber team enough. Head over to my Instagram page to find a video of Genie and me at Performance Herts carrying out an exercise I couldn’t do before I got Genie (video posted 4th June).

We headed off to Wellington for the Festival of Dressage with both horses. I cannot thank my amazing team for getting both horses in the same place at the right time.

The first day was the Freestyle Athene was a superstar and we were really pleased with the test considering it was only my second time riding it in competition. We finished 2nd with over 73%. Damo found the music very exciting but held it together until the last lateral movement so I was delighted to get 69%+ and finish 4th very close to 3rd!

In Grand Prix A Athene did a really nice test but we perhaps lost some activity, which the judges didn’t like but we still won and Damo showed some tension but managed to finish 3rd.

Grand Prix B the last day was Gold Semi Final day. We decided to give the judges lots more energy with Athene which is what they wanted although the pilot’s accuracy went out the window! We got 72%+ and won the class and Damo finished 3rd (we had a few jogging moments where he got excited which brought our score down; but he was a lot more relaxed). That means I have qualified both horses for the Gold Nationals in September.

On cloud 9 after seeing my ‘Golden boy’ Sky for a weekend; had my Skysie fix. It was so good to see him and see how happy and good he looks; he is 24 years old now! I am so pleased we still have our special bond even leaving his grass to come and say hello before we made the long journey home.

The minute he saw me he was kissing me; he’ still exactly the same and is loving being spoilt and treated like the King he is! A huge thank you to Glesni, Ollie and Bryn for letting us stay with you and see the king.

This month my incredible sponsors Betta Life celebrated their 8th Birthday. Damo, Bear and Sky all have PharmaQuin and PharmaTrac and Athene has PharmaQuin.

The Free Motion Panel saddle from Jeremy Rudge saddlery is still amazing. Damo is so much more uphill and my position is looking better. If I can get what I do at home in training in the competition arena with Damo there would be one word wow!

Both me and Damo saw super sponsor Lee Equetouch. Damo thoroughly enjoyed his massage and the pilot found the massage very helpful as she was so tight.

We head off to Hartpury at the beginning of next month so check back here to find out how we get on. I am incredibly proud to say both horses have been selected.

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