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March Blog

Being part Welsh of course we celebrated St Davids day (Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus).

We headed off to squad training and had another two great days at the Unicorn Centre. We had a chance to run through our new music which went well. Everyone was happy with Athene, and we felt ready to go to Addington our first competition of the year together.

Damo is super relaxed at the minute hopefully that’s here to stay! The other day the muck heap was being emptied which is right by the arena and he was such a good boy he didn’t bat an eyelid.

Bears rehab is going well, and he has started some trotting which he’s loving.

I managed to book into Body Balance before we headed off for Addington and had a super massage from Isabelle which was really needed as I was super tight.

Lots of celebratory days this month International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day.  I am so lucky to have so many wonderful women in my life. I am so honoured to ride Athene; she is such an incredible mare. I cannot thank my awesome mum for everything; Mother’s Day was a bit different this year as it was trot up day at Addington.

We had a wonderful show; international PB’s in all tests and was honoured to be part of the winning Nations Cup Team! Athene was a superstar, and our partnership is really starting to blossom. What is so exciting is there is even more to come and areas we need to polish up on so plenty more marks to come.

This month I welcomed a new sponsor to the team; very excited to now be an Ambassador for Soho Equestrian. I love their breeches and socks. The breeches are super long which is perfect as I am 6ft1 and have very long legs. They are easy to put on, really comfortable and very smart.

Next month looks to be very busy and exciting!

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