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August Blog

I don’t have much to update you on this month. I have just got back from America after visiting my sister for 3 weeks. I had a fantastic time and a well-deserved rest but I did really miss the boys.

Thankfully Alice, Rob and Nicole kept the boys ticking over while I was away. It was great to see the horses when I got back.

I had a fantastic lesson at Rob’s yard last week; Bear’s walk has really come on and the contact is so much better. We still have lots of hard work to do and I need to find new buttons to find Bear’s bigger walk; now he is much more balanced I can ask for more.

Then it was straight off to a competition with both boys which is a lot of work; having to take two lorries etc! We have to try and keep the boys separate so they don’t see each other and start calling. Unfortunately the boys did see each other and did start calling but not as bad as last time, thankfully! Quiny came with us and was fantastic; she didn’t struggle on any of the uneven ground.

Bear warmed up fantastically and felt super. There was someone near the outside of the arena that took his attention away during the test a bit but he managed to generally cope well. The test went really well and we were all happy with it, a big improvement since Hartpury. The contact was so much better and he was showing off his big walk. There were just moments where the rhythm was affected slightly and at times he backed off, but the picture is so much improved. He finished 2nd to Sky which was great.

Sky’s test was super and I was really pleased with it. I managed to keep what I have got in training all the way through the test.  I just need to work on perfecting the individual test movements. Sky won the class, and got the highest para score of the day.

So that’s the first winter qualifier over and done with; both horses just need a few more points now.

That’s all for this month; we have got the Nationals next month and some events to attend. Will update you all soon.

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