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Blogs February and March!

Apologies for my February and March blogs being so late here’s hoping that the April one will come out on time!


The boys have been going really well in training. Bear has come on leaps and bounds and we are starting to ride test movements at home. Damo is being really good and again we have been riding lots of test movements in preparation for our return to the white boards.

My body has been really struggling recently; the fatigue has been high. So, I have spent less time in the gym and more time with the horses which I have really enjoyed.

I have had another fantastic session with Fiona working on my pull ups. Fiona always goes out of her way to accommodate me and to try difference exercises.

Nick from the RVC came out to vaccinate Damo and to do the boys teeth. It was great to see him and to catch up.

My sponsors Sorbeo have a fantastic recycling scheme; check out We have used both methods and they both work well. It’s a great way to get rid of your used bags and at the same time you’re recycling.

It’s been great to get back in the swimming pool, I am using it to build up my endurance, at my local everyone active Chiltern Leisure Centre as I am supported by Sporting Champions.

The boys were happy as they have been topped up on their amazing supplements from Betta Life PharmaQuin and PharmaTrac. Super quick delivery as always!

It was time to do another 5k on the erg and I don’t know how but I managed to PB! It will be a while before I do another one!!

Lee came out to give me a sports massage which was great, and he also gave Damo his monthly massage which he really enjoyed as he always does!

To finish off the month, I celebrated my birthday; I had a lovely day and had a fantastic lesson on Damo with Rob. I got an apple watch which has really helped me to keep track of my training in a more organised way. I can use it when I am swimming which is great as I often forget how many laps I have done! The best part for me is instead of saying start walking it says start rolling which is great and counts my pushes rather than steps.

March Blog

Happy Saint David’s day to all my Welsh followers. Read on to find out about two lots of very exciting news!!

This month we celebrated International Women’s Day; I have so many wonderful women in my life. My amazing mum and my superstar of a sister are just two who inspire me every day! Full time wheelchair user with a degenerative condition. Proving with determination that the impossible is possible!! Living every day to the full and living my dream each day! Serious hard work and pushing the boundaries every day!

We sadly lost King Jerry and the house is so empty without him. He was 19 but was still taken to soon. As well as being my furry friend he was also my number one personal trainer and training without him is just not the same.

My first piece of exciting news is that I picked up my new manual wheelchair that the Genie’s Wish funded for me. My new chair is called Genie and its incredible! It’s the chair I always dreamed of having, it’s so cool that it can even fold fully up and once you take the wheels off it will fit in the overhead locker on a plane. My new hand grips are amazing and allow me to be able to push myself short distances. The brakes are huge and easy for me to apply. The back of the chair is very padded and gives me extra trunk support. I have my independence back and I cannot thank the Genie’s Wish enough.

My second piece of exciting news is that I have been given the ride on Athene Lindebjerg; I cannot thank Di Redfern enough for this incredible opportunity. She is a lovely mare and I am really looking forward to developing our partnership and excited to see what the future holds for us.

Yesterday in our second competition together in gale force winds we achieved 78.95% in the Grand Prix test B with three 9’s. A big thank you to Rob, my mum and dad and to Frankie and everyone at South Bucks RDA for their help and support. Athene’s now qualified for the Gold Semi Finals.

I had a fantastic session with Lee this month he really loosened off my back and then I had a super ride on Athene as I was really able to sit and absorb her full movement.

On that note all of the horses have been going really well; especially Damo who has developed the Sky flick which is super exciting.

I also had my first sports massage at Body Balance with Molly which was really good, and she helped loosen up my back and shoulders that get very tight. I am booked into see Tom next month.

That’s it for this month.

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