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End of year update 2021....

I’m going to be honest this year has been rubbish. But even though it has been extremely tough these last few months I have learnt so much. I am ready for next year and everything crossed it’s better than this year!

Lessons learnt:

Life is short, never take anything for granted! Even if people don’t believe in you or say no then just go for it and prove them wrong!

You never know what is around the corner, smile and live each day to the full.

Everything happens for a reason.

Losing a good friend has been extremely tough and I miss her every single day 🧡. But I’m going to do her proud and get that gold medal for Vick and Blitz 🧡

Vick was so positive and an inspiration to me, always there to offer her support and advice. And as many of you know pushed me to give Para Rowing a go!

And what a journey that’s been so far! Never did I imagine I would be a gold medalist from my first Indoor Rowing National Championships 🥇🥂🍾🎊. Have won medals racing in the boat too. I’m so looking forward to next year and my return to the water!! It’s been seriously hard work I’m not going to lie my body has hated my brains decision 😂. But we have persevered and my hard work is getting rewarded. Erging may still not be my favourite but I’m getting better so that’s good. I think I’m slowly getting stronger in my upper body, and regular sessions on the handbike are a weekly occurrence!!

Sky retired to Yorkshire to be with his owner. I miss him so much but he’s having a wonderful time and I get regular updates 🥰. We will go and see him next year 😘

Some good things happened we found Damo and within 3 months of having him got selected to represent GB at Bishop Burton 🇬🇧where we finished 3rd in all three classes. With miss communications as we were still such a new partnership!

We then headed off to Keysoe 3* International where things didn’t go to plan but we learnt lots! Our scores increased by 8% each day and would have been very high if it wasn’t for all the 1’s!!

I got a career high posting over 81% in the Individual test 🌟🍾.

We have qualified for the Winter Para Dressage Gold Championships next year. Damo is such a special horse and I am very excited for our future together ☺️. He hasn’t had his chance to shine yet; that’s coming!! I am so pleased we found each other ❤️. We make such a good team! 🌟

Bear bless him at our first major competition of the year got very annoyed with the fly’s! Two judges had him on two good scores; one over 71% but the other one very low which pulled us down.

We got selected for Hartpury 3* International and Bishop Burton 3* but things didn’t go to plan 😭. Bear has had some time off and is now coming back into work. 🤞 normal service will resume as soon as possible. He’s such a dude and loves to please; he’s my BFG ❤️

Losing Tammy summed up the end to a rubbish year but she’s shining brightly up there 🌟. Jerry is finding it hard, but cuddles are helping ❤️

I end the year with my incredible sponsors and supporters by my side and my wonderful supportive team and family 🥰😘❤️❤️. A big thank you to everyone 😘😘

I welcomed Paddock Blade Australia and Paddock Blade UK 🇬🇧, Equetouch and The Equestrian Sponsorship Hub to my team ☺️😊

At the end of the year new goals are set and you do everything you can to achieve them. But as I said earlier you never know what is around the corner; and life’s short so my new goals are to try my best and if it’s meant to be it will and to just see what happens!! Less stress and more fun!!

I leave you with these words of wisdom from Vick🧡🧡🧡Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile🧡🧡🧡

Bring on 2022!! Happy New Year Everyone 🍾🍾🥂🥂.

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