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January Blog

Not much to report this month from a riding point as the weather has been awful and our arena has been frozen for weeks :(.

I decided I needed to keep my fitness up somehow and so have been trying to fit in swimming nearly every day. Slowly getting my confidence back completely different to when I used to swim as I know hardly have any use of my legs in the water and my arms and rest of my body don’t work normally or do what I ask!! I have also been doing my stretches every day! I will become fitter and increase my stamina even if my body disagrees!!

I had two lots of very exciting news this month;

Firstly; with massive thank you to Quingo Scooters I have been given a Quingo Flyte! It means that I can put the scooter into the car all by myself as you line it up with the ramps and push a button and up it goes, to unload it you push a button and it unloads itself! No more having to dismantle a scooter and having to get someone to lift it into my car. An amazing piece of kit and I cannot wait to use it

Have a look for yourself:

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I cannot thank Quingo enough for their continued support.

Secondly; delighted to announce I have been asked to be an Ambassador; I am honoured to be an ambassador for Arctic ONE.

It is such a fantastic charity and has helped so many inspirational people including myself.

I am looking forward to attending lots of events this year.

Please give Arctic ONE’s page a like and follow them. Website: Twitter: @Arctic_0NE Facebook: Arctic ONE

With the lack of riding that I have done this month I have had some free time to try and find some funding.  Horses are my legs and together we excel. I am told very often that I am an inspiration to others and I enjoy inspiring the next generation of para riders. My motto has always been ‘everything happens for a reason’. A lot has been thrown at me but I have dealt with it and will keep pushing and fighting until I reach my long term goal of getting to the Paralympics and winning a gold medal. I am looking for funding to help cover strength and conditioning and swimming lessons, which are very important to my development as a Para rider. Please contact me if you can help or would like any more information.

I have also decided to do some public speaking. I am an international Para Dressage Rider; 3 times national champion. My long term goal is to get to Tokyo 2020 and to win a gold medal. I have been though an awful lot and would love to share my roller coaster of a journey with you. I am often told that I am an inspiration. I really enjoy encouraging disabled people to get into Para Dressage. My horses are my legs and together we excel! Please contact me if you would like me to attend an event or would like a guest speaker at an event.

If you can help me with funding or would like to have me attend or speak at an event please contact me through my website. Thank you in advance.

I hope the weather continues to keep improving so that I can get back in the saddle.

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