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June Blog

We started off the month with a surprise mini break to Jersey to celebrate my uncle’s 70th birthday. We all had a really nice time and my uncle was very surprised! I love Jersey and the weather was really hot.

I hit the ground running when we got back!  Fantastic session at Performance Hertfordshire with Fiona, really happy to say that my hard work is still paying off and all my exercises have been progressed as I have come on a lot since last time; which is super news! My limbs were not happy though and did a lot of misbehaving. But even though my shakes and tremors have increased my core has got stronger which is great and this is really showing in my riding.

It was then straight back into riding; we took Bear to Rob’s yard for a lesson. It was great to ride Bear in a new environment and he went really well. It was also a chance for both of us to grow in confidence and for me to really be able to push Bear in an unfamiliar environment.

Mr Sky had a few days off while we were away so mum took him around the gallops and then it was back in the school and back to test practice ready for the Gold Semi Finals that are at the end of the month.

We took Bear to Wellington EC to do the team test as a warm up for the next day. As he hadn’t been there before we thought it would be good for him to go and see everything. I was so proud of Bear he finished 2nd in the warm up test, his first ever time at a big party! He behaved like a saint and didn’t put a foot wrong! Still a new partnership so lots to work on and lots to improve on ready for tomorrow. Massive thank you to my amazing support team and my super trainer Rob Waine.

Back to Wellington we went but this time we had both boys and again in two separate lorries!! So proud of both boys today; they danced their hooves off!! Two superstars. Massive thank you to everyone who supports me and my amazing trainer Rob Waine for being so supportive and helpful.  Mission accomplished Bear has the scores to go to his first International and Sky should have qualified for the Nationals. Good job team!

Quiny my scooter came with us on both days to wellington and was fantastic as ever. She didn’t have any trouble with the un- level ground or the arena surface.

Absolutely delighted to say I got the news that I have been selected to represent GB on both boys at Hartpury 3* International next month. Another outing for Quiny, she really is part of the team and I could not be without her!

Wow has it been hot these last few days, too hot to ride. But I had freestyle floor plans to sort out so both boys had short sessions and we have finally managed to get a floor plan sorted and now just need to get some music. I have asked Julie Gerghaty and she is currently putting together some music for Bear and I am hoping that it will fit Sky as well.

I attended the Chiltern and South Bucks 2017 Award Event this month which was a fantastic event. I cannot thank GLL enough for all their support; the gym membership in particular has made such a big difference to me.

Preparations are well underway for Hartpury next month I cannot wait to represent GB on both boys but it’s going to be hard work. Look forward to updating you all on how we get on.

bear and rob
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