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May Blog

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Sky had a break after his fantastic performances in Belgium; which gave me a chance to concentrate on Bear and our preparations for the Para Home International (PHI)

I got the news that Sky had qualified for the Gold Semi Finals in June and Bear just needed two more points which I am hoping to get in the qualifier class at the Para Home International (PHI). I also got the amazing news that Sky and I are now ranked 19th in the world in Grade 1 and we are the top GB partnership in the country!

Time flies when you are having fun! It was time to head off for the PHI, Dad and I headed up in the lorry on Friday afternoon. We had a good journey apart from one of the roads being shut! Bear traveled really well and settled in straight away. He flew through the trot up with Dad! I met the rest of the Eastern team members who were all lovely. The opening ceremony was great and it was so nice to have the support of the Eastern able bodied riders who were taking part in the Inter Regional competition running alongside the PHI. Mum arrived and rode Bear in the competition arena (arena familiarisation) he looked really good despite being was a tad tense and having a look at things. I had a short ride on him and he felt good nice and forwards we were both ready for the competition.

Thankfully apart from another downpour we were very lucky with the weather. I was not on until the afternoon on the Saturday but we woke up in time to give Bear his breakfast and to go and support the other Eastern team members. Then it was time to plait Bear and whilst he was being plaited he had his massage pad on and I managed to distract him with a carrot as he doesn’t like being plaited!. It was finally my time to compete, Bear warmed up really well for mum and looked fantastic. I was so grateful that Greg came to help me get on and for Sarah’s help as well; great team work. Bear felt really good; nice and relaxed and really forward. I was delighted with my test keeping the activity and contact throughout. Unfortunately we had a slight blip when Bear spooked at a puddle that was in the middle of our 8m circle but we recovered well and carried on. Bear got lots of pats and carrots!!

Then the wait for my score as with dressage you are never sure! We kept ourselves busy sorting Bear out and were delighted when a lovely lady from the RDA came over to tell me my score, 71%.

The second day was much busier. First I had my qualifier which went really well; we won and got the points needed to qualify for the Gold Semi Finals. My team test was much better, Bear was more relaxed and we had no blips, unfortunately the judges were marking harder and so we scored just under 70%. However both day’s scores gave us an overall score of over 70%. I was delighted to win my section, be the highest placed Gold Rider and we also got the second highest score on day 1.

It was time for the prize giving all though it was very long it was great to have the PHI and Inter Regional riders all together. My team had finished 3rd and so we had a spot on the podium! It was great to have Sophie on my team who I actually mentor. I cannot thank everyone enough that supported us over the weekend and big thanks to our Para rep Jo, Lotte, Katherine, Hayley and Mark as well as my home team. It was so nice to be part of the Eastern team; the team spirit was fantastic!

It was time for Bear to have a few well deserved days off. Mr Sky came back into work full of beans and raring to go!! He has upped his game. We also found out we have been selected to represent GB at Hartpury CPEDI3*.

Quiny got a puncture at Keysoe so Quingo scooters came out on our return to give her an MOT and to fix the puncture; fantastic service as always.

I had a great morning  in the sun at Dorney Lake for the Tri and Para tri Festival including the British Paratriathlon Championships. It was great to support two charities who I am very proud to be an Ambassador for; Arctic One and The Douglas Bader Foundation.

Next month looks to be exciting with both horses competing in the Gold Semi Finals and with Hartpury fast approaching its all systems go!

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