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Welcome to my Wesbite

Come to this page to stay up to date on my journey:

I am a 22 year old Grade 1a Para dressage rider, the most impaired of all the grades. I am based in Buckinghamshire at Windmill Farm and am trained by Linsay Coleridge Smith. I have two horses that I compete, a more experienced 17 year old which I have had on loan for 4 years and a young 7 year old who will be my horse of the future.

Go to the About Me page to find out more.

General Information:

This year my major achievements include being placed at my first ever 3* International representing Great Britain, a wonderful experience where I had the opportunity to compete against current Paralympic contenders. Last weekend I became the National Grade 1a Silver Champion, where I finished 5% ahead of the rest of the class.

My long term goal is to get to the 2020 Paralympics and to win a gold medal. My short term goal is to get selected onto the World Class Programme.

Competing at this level and having two horses is extremely costly and due to deterioration in my disability I am currently unable to work. I am seeking financial sponsorship; if you could help in anyway however small please contact me on 07505675583 or

Go Funding Page:

MDA 2020 (Join my team and help me on my journey to the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo and beyond). Looking into the future I will need another horse to join my team at some point, if 10 people or organisations could give me £1,000 pounds that would be £10,000 and I would be well on my way to being able to afford another horse.

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