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January Blog

As I write this we are currently having rather pleasant weather let’s hope it’s here to stay! But I think you will all agree we have definitely had enough rain!

This month has been a bit up and down due to the weather. The rain flooded out the arena and then we had a few heavy frosts which made the arena freeze. The time off from riding has given me some time to think about my family and all we have gone through; I feel proud and feel we are a strong unit. Things are sent to test us and it might take time but we will come out on top.

My family inspire me every single day especially my parents and sister!

This year I have decided to have a new feature on my social media pages and every month I am going to have a post about one of my sponsors or supporters. I wouldn’t be able to have achieved or continue to achieve what I have if it was not for my fantastic sponsors and supporters so this gives me another chance to give them all something back and show my appreciation for their support. I am extremely lucky to have such a range of product sponsors and some amazing charities that support me with grants.

It was fantastic to be back in the saddle after returning from America last month but annoyingly my body still thought that it was on holiday and has still not yet caught up! Unfortunately my body decided that I don’t have enough problems and threw me even more symptoms. These are extremely painful and unsettling but thankfully the boys are ignoring them and strutting their stuff; we are having a few miss communications as my old aids are no longer working but we are definitely going in the right direction.

I am still carrying out my gym programme 6 times a week and even though I don’t see big improvements I am managing to keep what I have which is very important.

I had my confirmation that I have qualified both boys for the Winter Gold Para Championships. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible and allows me to live my dream every day!

I have had some exciting parcels from my sponsors this month. I got some new boots from Taurus Footwear which are super smart and I will all update you in next month’s blog about how I have got on with them. I also got some more PharmaQuin from my amazing sponsors BETTA Life and a gillet which I will wear with proud.

I had intended to get both boys out before the Winter Championships and was intending to compete at Solihull early next month but I have now got a hospital appointment that day! We are off to Lancashire for the Winter Para Dressage Gold Championships; it’s going to be a bit hectic as I am taking both boys and so far its proving to be a logistics problem!! Still ‘what will be will be’.

Sadly I’m not able to ride as fluently as I could due to the deterioration in my condition, just staying upright in the saddle is hard enough. But I’m just going to enjoy every minute that I am in the saddle and go from there.

So next month I will have lots to update you on including my first competition of the year and some very exciting news

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