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January Blog

I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. I spent mine in America with my sister and niece and we had a wonderful time.

Whilst I was away I did my weights and sessions on the hand bike but on my return home it was great to get back in the swimming pool, on the rowing machine and then in the gym-my fantastic local gym Chiltern Lifestyles centre; supported through the wonderful Sporting Champions scheme.

What a way to start the year smashing out 3 sets of 8 pull ups at my first session with Fiona at Performance Hertfordshire. I then had a good session with Tom at Body Balance; it was great to get all my muscles loosened off as they were feeling pretty tight.

I was honoured to be included the Douglas Bader Foundation 40th Anniversary book; it’s a fantastic book reliving very special memories and so much more. I am so proud to be an ambassador for this fantastic charity.

It was so great to get back in the saddle, a month of no riding is a very long time! Before long I had my first lesson of 2023 with Rob and Damo was amazing. We had great fun playing with our lateral work.

Lots of PB’s this month; think 2023 could be a good year of lots of PB’s! Back on the 20ks on the hand bike and I smashed out a huge PB.

Damo had his monthly massage from Lee which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Bear has been going really well in training and his walk is really developing.

A new feature for 2023 is Sponsor Friday, Saturday and Sunday, head over to my Facebook page to read about all my wonderful sponsors.

Sometimes with a degenerative condition one of the hardest things is admitting deterioration. I took a big step and got myself a Saebo glove for my right hand and the difference is huge, I hadn’t realised how much my grip had decreased with a Saebo glove on both hands I went and smashed out a huge PB on the hand bike in the gym.

A big thank you to Nick from the RVC for coming out to vaccinate Damo and do the boys teeth. It was great to catch up.

The boys had a delivery from BETTA Life they are fully topped up on PharmaQuin and PharmaTRAC.

Wow I cannot believe the first month of 2023 has flown by already!

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