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October Blog

I think the winter is setting in sadly; not enjoying waking up in the dark and then finishing off the horses in the dark! At least at present it seems dry!

I haven’t got much to update you all on this month apart from lots of training sessions with both boys. I have been working on suppleness with Sky and trying to improve our fluency when riding through test movements. With Bear I have been working on engagement and really making sure that his right hind is not being lazy!!

I have been managing to take Sky round the gallops at least once or twice a week which he loves; of course we are only walking! We have tried something new; we went for a walk around the gallops and dad led us, so dad had a work out too trying to keep up with Sky’s big stride!! Love my pony so much he was so good and still allows me to do things that I wouldn’t be able to do without him.

We did have a chance to take Bear to a Para competition at the beginning of the month, it was his first ever party away from home and only his second time in an indoor school. Of course he took it all in his stride and didn’t put a foot wrong and everyone loved him.

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